Bonjour! Today I write to you from the streets of Paris. St Germain is buzzing and the sound of live music fills the air.

One thing I love about Paris is the “joie de vivre”, the “joy of living”, all around.

Parisians know how to enjoy the simple things: the joy of savouring a meal, sipping a glass of red, strolling through the Jardin du Luxembourg by kids playing with boats in fountains, and couples on chairs enjoying each other and the warm sun.

It’s a special place. But so is your life. So slow down and enjoy the simple things.

Let’s face it, I could eat cheese and bread in Australia, the difference is that here, I slow it down and enjoy the moment.

To experience Joie de Vivre in your everyday life, declutter and do what only you can.

When I was first diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, I had to decide what areas of my life needed to be left and what areas I needed to continue. Really it wasn’t that hard.

No one else can be a dad to my children or a husband to my wife like I can. No one else could take responsibility for my personal fight with this disease. However others could do pretty much the rest.

It may not need to be that drastic for you, but what are the things from your current task list that only you can do?

I’m not talking about the small details, I’m talking about the big rocks, the things that consume most of your time. Maybe you haven’t yet discovered what only you can do, trust me, it will be a worthwhile exercise.

Whatever it is, do it with all your heart.

If you’re a mum or dad, a friend or spouse, do your very best. There are no second chances at that. Do it well the first time.  To help you with that, this is something I picked up a long time ago and it has framed how I try to live my life as an adult:
1. Find out what you do well.
2. Do a lot of it.
3. Find out what you don’t do well.
4. Don’t do much of it.
5. Find out what others do well.
6. Help them do it.

Today marks my 21st blog. A big thank you to the 15,000+ readers across 60 countries who have taken the time to either read, share, or comment on these blogs.

Healthwise, I am doing better than the doctors expected. After thinking last year would be our final trip to Europe, we have decided to make the most of my mobility and take another trip. This time, we are joined by my late brother’s wife who has never been overseas.

I look forward to catching up with you on my return in four weeks and continuing this blogging journey.

By the way, in November I will be adding “grandpa” to my list of “what I can only do” as we await the arrival of our first grandchild to Jess and Kaiden.