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May 2020

What I shared at “Belong Women’s Event”. Strength in times of weakness.

Greater Love! What is it and is it achievable?

Covid-19 has seen people literally lay down their life for the care and safety of others. But what about you and I how, do we experience this “greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friend”?



I was asked about life balance, faith and family. How to navigate life with all its interruptions. Living present! How to navigate our primary relationships in a world that so easily screams for our attention. 

MND/ALS Awareness Week. Meet Chris and Louise Fanning.

Lenore and I visit friends who are also living with MND/ALS. Watch the end we have some fun.


I know where I’m going. Coming out of iso from Covid-19

I would rather move slowly in the right direction then fast in the wrong.


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