If there is anything Covid-19 is teaching us it is we dont want to die and we will do anything to keep us from deaths door.

On this Easter Good Friday I want to talk about a topic that I have become very intimate with over the past 7 years, death!

All of us live each day trying to slow down the process of dying by eating well, drinking water, exercising, taking vitamins, praying, meditating just to name a few.

We have operations, seek medical care, invest heavily in research for cures, we try to discover antibiotics for viruses, we isolate and distance ourselves.

All to slow down the process of dying and ward of death.

All this is right because life is precious, life is wonderful, life is short and it’s worth fighting for.

Like many valuable things, life’s value is derived from the fact it is in limited supply and fragile at its best. Who would have thought a small virus in our body could bring a halt to the whole world.

It’s a confronting reminder that sooner or later, we will all be evicted from our bodies.

Can I say that all this slowing down the process of dying is well and good but of little value eventually to our time here on earth if we haven’t first dealt with the issue of death.

Most people live this life like it will never end and prepare for the next life like it will never begin, but it comes to all of us whether we prepare or not.

I want to talk today about the answer to the stress that death brings.

Peace and joy in every circumstance is one of the greatest defences against the stress of what you are up against right now. 

People ask me what do I think is the major reason for me doing as well as I am. There are many but this is one of the biggest I’ve dealt with stress by dealing with death and can honestly say I have peace and joy in the pain.

It’s a dichotomy but is is possible to live life fully present with peace and joy while understanding that death is just a heart beat or a breathe away.

As a Christian we believe death has lost its sting and power when Jesus died and rose from the dead.

Victory over death is through faith and trust in the finished work of Christ and accepting that we are forgiven of our sin and delivered from the bondage of death.

This comes as a result of Gods benevolence, forgiveness, kindness, love and mercy.

This is why we celebrate Easter as a reminder that Jesus died on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Sunday.

Making possible for all who believe in Him and His sacrifice for them to pass from death to life.

From earth to heaven.

From corruptible to incorruptible.

From mortality to immortality.

We actually begin that eternal life the moment we accept Jesus as our saviour. My eternal life starts here as a promise already sealed as a yes and amen, an assurance and guarantee.

Paul put it this way in Philippians 3:20

“we are now already a colony of heaven living on earth”.

So our peace and joy is found in the reality that death has been defeated , offered to all by Gods benevolence and mercy.

When we have peace like this it creates a prayer language that is not defensive or demanding but depending, hope-filled and trusting.

It’s not telling God what He must do but believing that God will do the right thing. It’s trusting from a place of peace and believing God is faithful.

Our stress levels drop because we know the worst that can happen is also the best.

That while we do all we can to live and love life it comes from the place of victory, trust, hope and faith that death is conquered.

Our prayers don’t come from a place of stress but rest!

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ has defeated the sting or darkness of death so that we can have real life today and eternal life on “the other side”. I believe that God has made a way for us to be with Him forever through faith in Jesus Christ.

Heaven is a reality where there is no pain, no tears, and no sorrow. Gone will be the nights filled with terror, fear and violence. Hunger and thirst, not even a memory. Heaven will be a place of endless joy.

Easter is a message of hope and it does change Everything.

So happy Easter everyone and more peace and joy with less stress to you all.