Do you ever feel confused about which doors, which opportunities, which path, or which way to go?  Do you think some doors should be pushed open and some should be left closed? Do you understand what doors are right for you?

I got to thinking about doors, the literal, not the figurative type, because very soon the door to our home will be modified so I can get my wheelchair in and out of the house.  I was amazed at how many different types of doors there are.  There are sliding doors,  doors inside other doors, expanding doors, automatic doors, swinging doors, revolving doors.

And it’s the same with life, it is filled with so many choices.  It is filled with doors we need to walk through and some we need to leave closed.

Even the Apostle Paul in the Bible (e.g. 2 Corinthians 2:12) used the metaphor of a door to speak about opportunities, obligations and opposition that were in front of him and I want to do the same today.

So how do you know which door to walk through and which to not?

Well, my wife collects old keys. The keys are so unique and tailor-made for the doors they were made to open.  I want to encourage you, that with the right keys, we can tackle even the most daunting, even the heaviest, even the oldest or newest of doors.  But, without the right keys, we can be left frustrated and hopeless.

In life, I think it’s the same.  There are certain keys to use before you walk through any given door.  These are a few filters if you like, that you can use to test that this is indeed the right door for you.

I hope this blog can help remove some of the frustrations associated when we are presented with doors of choice and opportunity.

8 Keys to Unlock the Door to your Destiny: 

Key 1.  Does the door align with your natural talents and giftings?

You can live in a way where you are in tune with who you are, even more than what you do.  It’s important not to make any decision based on a fantasy of ourselves but on who we really are.

You see, I’m a fan of F1 car racing. When I watch it, I fantasise about being able to drive one of those cars.  That’s what fans do deep down, they FANtasise.  But I’m not going to give up my current life to do something I fantasise about if it has nothing to do with my talents and gifts.  Knowing which door is right for you starts with knowing who you are and what you are good at.

Key 2.  Does the door align with personal and family values and priorities?

Every decision we make has consequences for us and for those around us.  If we can step back and ask ourselves what we truly value as a family, then it helps focus our priorities.  If an open door causes you to compromise your family priorities, then don’t walk through it.  If an open door causes you to compromise your faith, your beliefs or yours standards, keep it firmly closed.

Key 3.  Does the door align with your development and growth challenges?

It’s wrong to not walk through a door just because you’re afraid of what may or may not be on the other side.  That is living in fear.  Life, I believe, is lived more fully at the place of courage and faith.  Sometimes we have to take a risk to be able to enjoy all that the door has on the other side of it.

Key 4.  Does the door align with affirmations of those closest to you?

Whenever I make a move toward an unfamiliar door, I like to ask those who know me best what they think.  Are your friends and family supportive?  You know it’s your door when they are saying things like “this is you” or “you can do this” or “you were born for this.”  Don’t ignore positive affirmations from those closest to you.

Key 5.  Does the door align with future hopes and dreams?

The doors you walk through lead you to your future.  That’s the truth.  When your life is filled with hope for a better future, then you make decisions that will help achieve those dreams.  Walk through doors that are a step towards your goals.  You can see why having goals, hopes and dreams are powerful in forming your life today.

Key 6.  Does the door align with your understanding of biblical truth?

As a Christian, I would have to ask myself, does this opportunity align with my commitment to live according to the words of Jesus?  Does it allow me to love more, help more? Does it bring life? Is it’s motivation others centred? Will the outcome be peace and wholeness?  That forms the basis of my life.

Key 7.  Does the door align with a sense of destiny?

Does the door lead to what I believe to be my reason and purpose for being?  Do I sense this is where I belong?  Do I bring with me what is unique to and from others?

For those of you that know my recent journey with MND, you know that I have been presented with a door that takes me into living rooms, hospitals and bedrooms of the suffering.  It’s not a door for everyone, but for me at this time and for this season, it’s my door and I need to use it or I could easily fail to live to the full potential of my destiny.

It can be tempting to look around you and see what doors others are walking through and feel like you have to walk through that same door.  But you see, they have a different door presenting.

Key 8.  Does the door align with a sense of obligation?

Does the door carry a sense of “I need to do this”?  There are so many external needs that cry out for our attention and one person cannot meet every need there is.  We can’t do everything, but we must do something.  What is it that YOU NEED TO DO?

I hope the above keys can help you determine which doors are for you to open and walk through and which ones are to walk past.

Bless you,