The picture shows my grandson Lucas holding onto my finger the day after his birth.

Throughout life, something that we all need to learn to do is hang on.  In some respects, it is a natural, rather than learned instinct.  The part that is learned is to recognise what we are holding on to.

We need to be sure that the things we are hanging onto are the things that will help us to make it through.  It is about recognising that there may be times in life we need to let go of something to be able to hang on to something else more beneficial and make it through when times are tough.

In recent times, I’ve had to let go of some things, even some dreams, to hold onto health.  I have had to let go of ego to instil significance, let go of some opportunities, for family.  We all have choices to make – as teenagers, as young adults and throughout our lives – to hold onto what is right.

Psalm 107:27   says, “They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, And are at their wits’ end.”

We can be at our wits end for an array of reasons.  My mum used to say she was “at my wits end with you kids.”  Or it could be more serious – when the seemingly sure things become unsure, when tragedy, financial strife or sickness strike.

In response, often people become frantic, searching for something to put their trust in, for something to hold on to: careers, relationships, substances – a state of restlessness.  Others become discouraged, buying into the lie that there is no hope for them to the point where they are willing to let go of everything.

But let me encourage you, at your wits end, don’t let go, hold on with all your might to what is right.  

In a world filled with brokenness, when we are brought to our knees, we can be found holding onto the One who holds us in return.  In standing, we can stand.

Charles Spurgeon said, “If hunger brings us to our knees, it is more useful to us than feasting; if thirst drives us to the fountain, it is better than the deepest draughts of worldly joy….”

I have found at our “wits end” is a great place to cry out to God.
When you do, He doesn’t only hear you, He responds.
In the middle of our stress, He brings peace.
In our sadness, He brings comfort.
In our emptiness, He fills us with purpose.
In our disappointment, He helps us dream again.

When we turn to God, His arms of love and grace are open to embrace us, regardless of what we have done, will do or can do for Him.

If you find yourself at your wits end today, I pray you begin to trust in God.  Hold on to Him and He will hold onto you, unfailingly.