mnd walkphilandfriendOne year ago, on the Friday before Christmas, I was told I may have what’s called “Motor Neurone Disease” (MND).

I remember that day well.

My physio noticed that there were tremors in my legs.  I had been working with him and my chiropractor over that year to build my core, believing this would help strengthen my legs to run easier, especially up stairs.

He told me I needed to get to the doctor that same day and it was my doctor who explained that MND may be why I was experiencing these symptoms.   After weeks of scans, neurologist consults and painful tests, my doctor presented me with a certificate confirming the diagnosis of MND.

He said I should go home, resign my job and start doing what I have always wanted to do.  Little did he know, I was already doing what I had always wanted to do so it wasn’t quite that simple.

I know that receiving the doctor’s certificate that day should have brought feelings of horror and fear.  But instead I sensed peace and confidence.  A still voice (what I would explain as the voice of God) whispered to me:

“This is not a certificate, it’s a visa. A visa to another country, a country you have never travelled before.”

“You will be a missionary to this world and you will help offer them hope, joy and strength that comes from My Son.”

This country, or world of MND sufferers, has a population of about 1500 people in Australia alone, not to mention their family and careers.

And so, I have been willing to travel to this land with my different kind of visa.  I’m not sure when the expiry date will be, in fact I know that God can cancel the visa at anytime He wants and I will gladly come home with my healing.

I do know that in this past year, I have met the most incredible people and I hope to share about these experiences with you in future posts.

My perspective on my illness has raised different responses from people in my world.  Some feel that by being surrounded by others with the same disease, I am accepting the prognosis as final.  Others feel that by helping to raise awareness and funds for research, I am seeking to confront this disease on a practical front rather than a spiritual front.  I have found these points of view unsettling.

I simply believe that every challenge can be an opportunity for God to reveal His power and presence if we are willing to lean into the pain and discomfort for the sake of others; my hope is for God not just to heal me but by His presence in me touch others who may suffer similar pain and suffering.

One man, Jesus, leaned into His pain at Calvary so that we, the many, would benefit from His pain.  His act of courage became our means of salvation.




[Afterthought: In April 2013, me and about 400 friends “Walked to d’feet MND” raising awareness and funds for research.  Collectively we raised just over $20,000.00for MND New South Wales to go towards research for a cure.]